Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub & Body Butter (Blue Mermaid)


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8oz Whipped Soap Scrub- Cleans skin while exfoliating. Removes dead skin cells, leaving your body feeling squeaky clean.

Disclaimer: This product does not moisturize your skin it is a soap used to clean your skin removing dirt, oil, and dry dead skin. Pair this product with our Blue Mermaid Body Butter to moisturize your skin after you shower. To prevent damage to the product or contamination use scoop or clean dry hand to remove scrub from the container. This will prevent mold or bacteria from growing in your product. Store in cool dry area and do not take scrub container in the shower with you.

Ingredients: All natural soap base, natural oils, cane sugar, fragrance, mica powder, and all natural preservative.  

8oz Blue Mermaid Butter- Helps collagen production which prevents aging, fades dark spots, repairs damaged skin, and hydrates the skin while boosting your natural glow. Leaving your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

Ingredients: Shea butter, natural oils, fragrance, mica powder, and all natural preservative.


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